Preacher Moss

Preacher Moss is clearly the new prototype for the comedian of these times, and the times to come. As a writer for Damon Wayans, and Saturday Night Live, his comedy stylings are distinguished for being sculptured out of the everyday relevance of life, and the rare glimpses of truth we value as reality. He is intellectual, yet humble. He is charismatic, and dynamic, but yet he does not have to demand great attention, or time because his audiences come to cooperatively listen, laugh, and in "special" moments reflect.

Truly this is a rare combination. He is, far and away, more than a comedian, but prides himself on being just a man. Viewed, respected, and revered as a man of the people, his words carry life, and just as important, they carry laughter.

 Besides Damon Wayans, Preach has served as a comedy writer for such comedians as Darrell Hammond of Saturday Night Live and George Lopez of The George Lopez Show, having toured with Lopez for several years during his rise to stand-up stardom. For the past few years, Preach has been touring the national college and high school lecture circuit performing his own unique brand of humour in a lecture and comedy presentation known as "End of Racism," which tackles such timely and sensitive issues as racism, multiculturalism in post 9/11 America, and critical race theory. So insightful is his comedy in fact that it recently led The Seattle Times to ask if Preacher Moss is "A New Dick Gregory?"

Hands down, he is the funniest "poor righteous teacher" in the business today. He teaches without having to teach. He reaches the souls of his audience without ever having to touch. His revealed ideas are unselfish truths, and the result is a recipe for laughter, sprinkled with universal understanding. The world is his domain which he simply chooses to share with his audiences. When Moss takes the stage, the people simply understand that indeed they are in a rare situation, where special things happen.

Preacher Moss' background has been rooted in years of service to the community. A teacher of the Emotionally Disturbed for over eight years, Moss' outlook simply personifies that of a person who reaches out because he believes that we are truly one community. A "social services warrior," his style of living, and comedy is reminiscent of the ongoing struggle we all endure to simply be human.

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