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The broad objectives of the Islam Expo SA 2009 are to:

  • promote a spirit of religious and cultural tolerance;
  • showcase Islamic Calligraphy and Islamic Art;
  • create an understanding about the culture and traditions of Muslims;
  • create an awareness of the role played by Muslims in the history of South Africa;
  • showcase UK Exhibition Islam:  The Science and Heritage Collections
  • focus on Muslim-based financial, arts & cultural, social welfare, economic, historical, educational organisations and institutions

In 2006, the MSA presented the very successful Discover Islam Exhibition on the V & A Waterfront. This exhibition was organised and managed by Itheko Events Management.

It is with great pleasure that Itheko Events Management announces that the same exhibition will be taking place. This time the exhibition will be called:

'Islam Expo SA 2009, from Slavery to Citizenship'. This expo will be taking place from the 11th - 14th June 2009 at the CTICC from 10am until 9pm.  The aim of this expo is to showcase the rich cultural and historical heritage of the Muslims of South Africa and abroad. The Department of Arts and Culture is a partner to this expo and Exhibition Islam UK, www.exhibitionislam.com, will also be in attendance.

The Muslim Students Association presents Islam Expo SA 2009 which is organised and managed by Itheko Events Management, in partnership with the South African Department of Arts and Culture, the Muslim Judicial Council, The City of Cape Town and Exhibition Islam.

International guests will also be in attendance.

Exhibition Islam is an independent, non-profit making, UK registered charity that specialises in promoting a greater understanding of Islam in the international arena. Exhibition Islam utilises alternative educational resources and rare Islamic artifacts that are delivered through highly professional "museum style" exhibitions, in a modern setting that allows visitors to discover the richness and intensity of the Islamic faith in a friendly environment.

Having attracted over 750,000 visitors over the past 15 years, Exhibition Islam has established its name as the leading Islamic exhibition provider in the World.  

To date, Exhibition Islam has exhibited at more than 650 venues and has had wide ranging coverage in both the domestic and international media.

Some of our high profile exhibitions have been hosted at the shopping centres, library and Town halls throughout the UK, Central London Mosque -UK, London Muslim Centre-UK, London Excel, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, London Olympia (major conference and exhibitions centres in the UK), Copenhagen-Denmark, Doha-Qatar, Tromso -Norway and Dubai UAE.

The major showpiece in our exhibitions is a display of ancient Islamic manuscripts, coins and manuscript of other faiths.

The Exhibition Islam Manuscript Collection is now one of the most extensive collections in the World. With more than 200 Quranic manuscripts ranging from the 7th Century onwards, with collections from China all the way to Andalusia, this collection has been displayed now in London, Manchester, Dubai and Norway.

Exhibition Islam has one of the world's largest collections of Islamic coins from across the World, of which many are extremely rare and include coins from across Europe.

The Exhibition Islam Coin Collection ranges from across the world, and includes rare collections of Islamic Coins minted by Muslims in Europe. Mint locations include Spain, Portugal, Sicily, Cyprus, Crete, Chios, Greece, Bosnia, Serbia, Turkey, Romania and so forth. In addition Exhibition Islam has coins form many of the regions in Spain including very rare coins from regions such as Mallorca, Tortosa, Cabra etc. The coin minted in Cabra is so rare; only 2 are known to exist with the other one being in a museum in Madrid. We have an Islamic coin minted in Beja in Portugal, only 3 good samples of this coin are known to exist and we have one of them. We also have early Islamic coins including an amazing collection from the time of the Companions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) including one attributed to the reign of Uthman the Companion of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). In addition we have many other coins from across the Islamic world including Armenia, Azerbaijan, India, a coin from the first batch of coins minted in what is now modern day China, from across Africa, Arabia. We also have rare early Umayyad coins minted with Jewish symbols.

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Islam Expo SA 2009

presented by Muslim Students Associations [MSA]
was held at the CTICC
 from 11-14 June 2009
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