Added Attractions

1) The Muslim Students Association presents Islam Expo SA 2009
[I.E.S.A. 2009] in partnership with the Department of Arts and Culture, the Muslim Judicial Council, The City of Cape Town, Exhibition Islam UK and Iziko Museums of CT.
I.E.S.A. 2009 is organised and managed by Itheko Events Management, Our media partners include Die Burger, The VOC, Channel Islam International, X CON Films and Channel 4. Market Toyota is the Official Vehicle Sponsor.

2) The aim of I.E.S.A. 2009 is to showcase the rich cultural and historical heritage of the Muslims in Cape Town, South Africa and the rest of the world.

3) Exhibition Islam UK, will occupy the big exhibition space on the middle right hand side. They will be bringing their own exhibition from the UK together with 4 representatives. It will be the first time that they are exhibiting in Cape Town.

4) In addition to the Exhibition Islam display, Iziko Museums of CT will exhibit the history and development of the Timbuktu manuscripts. The DAC, the MJC and The City of Cape Town will have their own exhibition cubicles.

5) We have a stage area from which our international guests, Dr
Fadel Soliman and Preacher Moss will be speaking from. DVD's will also be screened from here. Preacher Moss is a revert to Islam and he is also a comedian. See him in action on Saturday evening at the expo.He will be visiting various Mosques during his visit to CT.
Anas Altikriti has to have knee surgery and is not coming. Dr Sulaiman Dangor will also be joining us from Durban.

6) There is a children's area and this will be manned by Kaleido Educational Services, where children will be able to listen to stories, colour in, have personalised books printed and so forth. A basic art workshop will also take place with Begum Jaffer on the Sunday morning. Those interested must register on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the expo. 1Islam Productions, viz Zaky's adventures will also be at the expo to stimulate children w.r.t. morality and spirituality through animation.

7) Over and above this we have cubicles for social welfare, educational, financial and development organisations. There will also be souk/trade area for small businesses.

8) On the Thursday and Friday mornings, 12 schools will be touring the exhibition under the guidance of MSA. A mass Thikr[A prayer service] will take place on the Thursday evening.

9) Soni Art Studio's,, will endeavour a unique artistic debut. Achmat Soni, Shaheen Soni and Tasneem Soni will collectively create an Islamic Artwork Masterpiece over the 4 days of the exhibition and on the Sunday afternoon after 4pm, the painting will be auctioned to the highest bidder and the proceeds will be handed over to a deserving organisation, which
will be decided upon by the MSA, Itheko, MJC and Soni Art Studios. Come and see this masterpiece progress at the expo over the 4 days.

10) Zaky adventures, an animated production of 1Islam, will edutain the children with morals and spirituality via Zaky, a cartoon character, that teaches children about Islam.[]

11) The feel of I.E.S.A. 2009 is one of cultural and historical heritage, via exhibitions, educational tours for tourists and school children, exploring traditions to strengthen social cohesion.

Confirmed thus far is:

  • MSA,
  • MJC,
  • Itheko Athletics Club,
  • Discover Islam Centre,
  • Darun Na-iem,
  • Shaikhs Exotics,
  • An Nur Islamic Centre,
  • Habibia Orphanage,
  • Albaraka Bank,
  • Lion of Africa,
  • Awqaaf Foundation,
  • Mustadafin Foundation,
  • Muslim Hands,
  • Cape Town Tourism,
  • Zaky Adventures,
  • Sawants Creations,
  • Ashihara Karate
  • Heritage Museum of Simonstown,
  • Nakhlistan,
  • Islamic Relief Worldwide.
  • X CON Films,
  • The Voice of the Cape,
  • Channel 4,
  • Channel Islam International,
  • Soni Art Studio,
  • Salha Designs,
  • Radio Islam,
  • Die Burger,
  • IPSA,
  • SANHA.
  • Iziko Museums of Cape Town [3],
  • Boorhaanol Movement,
  • Ashihara Online.
  • Exhibition Islam International,
  • The City of Cape Town,
  • The DAC.

12) I.E.S.A. 2009 is for everyone. Bring your family, friends and neighbours.

I.E.S.A. 2009 is for the entire community and may we collectively improve the social cohesion in Cape Town, South Africa and the rest of the world.

13) Opening Hours: 10am until 9pm. Entry R20 for adults. Children, scholars, students and pensioners are free.

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Islam Expo SA 2009

presented by Muslim Students Associations [MSA]
was held at the CTICC
 from 11-14 June 2009
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